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LITTLE ANDRES’S NEW NORMAL Attitude towards learning!

Techie-Trendy. The attitude of staying online. Our little Andres gets to stay connected by social media, google application: Google classroom, google slides and google docs, seesaw, module and BRIDGE. They can be engaged in a virtual classroom with their teachers within the comfort of their own homes. The classroom to class HOME interventions ensure a productive mode of learning by teachers with clear directives and instructions and parents with benevolence and understanding. Rest assured activities are monitored and checked through effective and convenient online platform.

Believer. Believing in one self is normal but believing that education must continue amidst this pandemic is a good form of resilience. The BRIDGE modules aim to assess self-learning and are aligned with the school’s excellent standards and DepEd’s MELCs (Most Essential Learning Competencies). Our little Andres are believers who can progress their way towards learning through answering self-paced learning materials.

Dreamer. Young minds with big dreams. Our little Andres can be future front-liners who will fight good battles in the mere future. No pandemic can stop their driving force to realize their dreams. New normal means their dreams continue in ASCB Elementary Department.

Tech-trendy for online learning. Believer for Modular learning. A Dreamer for lifelong learning.

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