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office of student affairs and services


The Office of the Student Affairs and Services encourages students
to achieve their individual potential to become life-long and well-
rounded learners through the development of learning
environments that inspire learning and academic success.


The Office of the Student Affairs and Services provides access,
support, and encouragement to all students in the common pursuit
of cultivation of the institution’s core values: Academic Excellence,
Service to Community, Catalyst for Change, and Benevolence and
Compassion. The OSAS is responsible for the promotion of non-
academic experiences of students to attain total student development.


The Guidance and Counseling Center is committed to serve the students for the purpose of increasing the possibility for each individual to develop to the fullest extent and discover his/her potentials.

The commitment is concretized through the various services made available to the students. These are:

  • Career and Vocational Counseling
  • Academic Follow-Up
  • Group Guidance Activities
    • Interviews
    • Admission
  • Testing and Psychological Test Interpretation
  • Information Service
    • Career
    • Education
    • Personal
    • Social
  • Referrals and Follow-Up
  • Seminar-Workshops


The school clinic gives medical, dental and nursing services to students. It is staffed with a student aide, a registered nurse, a retainer dentist and retainer physician.
The specific services rendered are:
  • Medical Services
    • Annual Medical and Physical Examination
    • Consultation
    • Dressing of Wounds
    • Giving Free Medicines during First Aid and Emergency Treatment
    • Medical Perceptions
    • Referral to certain cases to ASMH or BDH (done after the parents or guardians have been informed)
  • Dental
    • Dental Consultation
    • First Dental Treatment
    • Medical Dispensation
    • Prescription/Referral Services
    • Tooth Extraction
School Physician: GILDA B. DE GUZMAN, M.D
School Dentist:  DR. PABLO CHICANO


The School Canteen provides healthy and nutritious food services to students, school employees and visitors. Therefore, you can make your time in the canteen a lot more pleasant and safe by doing what you are supposed to do.
The canteen is open from 7:00 am to 7:30 pm.


  1. Look out for wet floors and other hazards.
  2. Form a single line or go to the rear of the line, when getting in line. Don’t shove.
  3. Wait in a quiet and orderly manner, no cutting in line or horse playing.
  4. Have money ready for your orders.
  5. Show respect through your words and actions. Say, “please” when asking for something. Say “Thank you”, “Excuse Me”, or “I’m Sorry” when appropriate.
  6. If you or someone near you accidentally spills or drops food or utensils, help clean it up quietly and without calling attention to the person or the problem.
  7. Use good table manners and eat in the time allowed.
  8. Take care of the canteen equipment. Don’t damage chairs, tables, food trays or utensils.
  9. Before you go, clean tables, return food trays, plates and utensils in proper place, place trash in appropriate containers and put chairs under tables when leaving canteen. Take pride!
  10. Leave in a quiet, orderly manner so that you do not disturb others in the cafeteria or classrooms as you pass down a hall.
  11. Go to your next class or designated break area without disturbing others.

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