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Registrar is one of the important frontliner of the school, serving our clients–the students.
As part of the Administrative staff of the college the Registrar is charged with the sole responsibility of keeping students records, particularly academic records. This responsibility makes the function of the Registrar closely involved with admission, release and graduation of students which function required prompt action and accuracy.


  • Keep all students record up-to-date;
  • Reconstruct missing student records in the school file on the basis of the official records available in this office;
  • Issue transfer credentials, transcript of records, students permanent records and students monthly report cards with certificate of eligibility to transfer;
  • Examine credentials for purposes of registration and to enforce entrance requirements;
  • Take up with this office matters regarding recommendation of deans and principals on student’s overload, cross-registration, admission of students from foreign schools, transfer of students after the enrollment period, etc;
  • Prepare and sumbit all reports (on prescribed form) on enrollment, attendance, students load, promotion and all other data which may be requested by the Bureau from time to time;
  • Prepare and submit in consultation with respective deans, the records of candidates for graduation on the prescribed forms;
  • Assist the dean or the head of department during the registration in determining the subject load and subject sequence;
  • Consolidate schedules of classes for each term prepared by the respective deans or head of departments;
  • Enforce regulations regarding enrollment, student’s load, transfer, promotion, subject sequence, suspension, dismissal of students and other disciplinary measures in cooperation with the department concerned in the said college;
  • Be responsible for all correspondence regarding school records.

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