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Our future teachers talk about their ASCB Experience.

When I first stepped at Andres Soriano Colleges of Bislig, I didn’t know what the school might bring me because I am a tranferee. Along the way of studying, I’ve found a family who pushed me to excel and come out of my shell. The shy-type girl who is not afraid to commit mistakes because she knows she will learn from it turned into a woman who can take the lead with her colleagues with passion, perseverance and determination.

The gratitude and opportunity given to me by the school molds me and lets me conquer and face the reality of today is the fruit of the school I was enrolled in. I am proud to say I AM AN ASCian and I very much appreciate the words of wisdom from my professors that are instilled in my mind throughout my 4 years of studying. The school ASCB was once the school that helped me to be who I am today and I am very much happy that I can now call it my HOME.

Zane Klien Abao

My unforgettable experience at school was when I became a department leader, because of that, I was able to develop my personal skills such as communicating to others and working with them as a team. The school has given me the opportunity to fulfill the role of a good leader. A leader who always considers the needs of others, and value and appreciate the work each group members and value the importance of unity. The school molds me to be a person who confidently speaks and stand for what I believed in.

Richa Siarez

“Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world”, that was according to Nelson Mandela, the famous African President.

I need to attend several meetings. I need to accomplish paperwoks before the deadline. I need to maintain my team’s productivity. I need to submit the requirements for my course subjects. Being a student, at the same time a community leader and an Operations Manager in a call center company is not that easy. I’ve done all those things perfectly by the the help of my family and friends who inspires me to work hard and perserve so I can be a successful mentor in the long run. ASCB with its core values of being benevolent and compassionate and as catalyst of change embodies a community wherein there are sharing of ideas, approachable faculty and staff who encourage you to be productive and well-disciplined individual and with relevant activities and programs that will help you become effective and better citizen in the community.


Andres Soriano Colleges of Bislig Teacher Education Department envisioned to be a banner institution producing globally competitive educators equipped with knowledge, skills, confidence, enthusiasm, and the passion for teaching.


Andres Soriano Colleges of Bislig Teacher Education Department is committed to provide excellent educational opportunities that are responsive to the needs of the learners through standard-based education that addresses individual differences. It provides positive learning environment equipped with advanced facilities and learner-sensitive educators.


T – rust
E – thical conduct
A – cademic Excellence
C – reativity and Innovation
H – onesty and Integrity
E – quity and Equality
R – esponsibility



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